High School Training

In today’s soccer players are given less space and time on which to perform. We must institute the means to develop player’s speed of running and at the same time improve their ability for quick control with the ball. These qualities will build the speed of the game.

Conditioning: work on jogging to build conditioning, endurance with push
up, sit up & crunches to maximize strength.

Progressive Training: Foot speed, leg speed, running technique, a burst of speed, first-step quickness, acceleration, change of direction, quick reaction, coordination, agility, and balance- all without the ball.

The ball will be then added to create innovative training with match – like activities that are easily introduced into the practice sessions for individual players and groups.

Skill Training: Ball feeling, ball control, footwork, ball skill, decision making, move to beat & get past your opponent, how to make a successful tackle and how to create & convert goal-scoring chances.

Goalkeeping: Dive & catch, quick reaction, positioning, ball feeling, Punting, goal kicks.

IQ in soccer: Meaning intelligence, to developing & build quality which allows a player to recognize and adapt to situations on the soccer pitch quickly and in the high-pressure atmosphere of the game by working on small-sided games.